Winter Maintenance (Gritting)


Norris & Gardiner’s network of friendly locally based service teams can offer a fast and reliable gritting service. From single footpaths, to large commercial sites, indeed anywhere people need to be, Norris & Gardiner can offer an affordable solution tailored to your specific needs. Automated daily reports from the Met Office, specially commissioned by Norris & Gardiner, identify areas of the UK where Road Surface Temperatures are likely to fall below freezing. If ground freezing is likely our operatives on site will spread salt at the appropriate rate to provide a safer surface and minimise the risk of freezing.

How Grit Works

Throughout this document we use the terms “Grit” or “Gritting”. This is a generic term used to describe the materials and processes used in the de-icing of road and foot ways. The “Grit” in question is actually Rock Salt (B.S.3247:1991). It is a non-toxic naturally occurring substance and any residual Rock Salt is gradually diluted and disposed of through natural processes. Other specific de-icing products with little or no grit can also be used on pedestrian areas or close to buildings so that the potential for staining carpets and flooring is minimised. Rock Salt works by turning the ice or snow surrounding each granule into a saline solution. The action of traffic is essential for gritting to be effective by breaking down the salt granules to form a saline solution to prevent ice from forming or to melt it. Rock Salt has very little effect in melting ice and snow below the temperature of -9°C but does offer some improvement in traction as a result of the abrasive effect of the grit.

Gritting is best undertaken BEFORE ice forms or snow falls. The best chance you have of maintaining a safer surface is to prevent the formation of ice and snow through proactive gritting. Heavy rainfall can wash away the saline solution formed by the grit which means that, in heavy rain, it may be necessary to spread grit more than once in a day.

How our Service Works – Automated Met Office Reports

Norris & Gardiner receive Road Surface Temperature (RST) reports on a daily basis from The Met office using simple R.A.G rated system as shown below.

  • Red – RSTs below 2 degrees C with ice or frost or snow likely.
  • Amber – RSTs below 2 degrees C, road surface dry.
  • Green – RSTs above 2 degrees C. No snowfall.

These reports, along with a narrative from the Met Office are e-mailed on a daily basis to the Duty manager and other key members of staff within Norris & Gardiner who each have a responsibility to make sure the appropriate action is taken. Should it be considered necessary to grit, en email will be sent to the agreed client email address notifying you of our intention to grit.

Stay in Control

Our unique service offers far more than just a reliable gritting service. It also offers a level of communication and information management unique in the industry. Powered by Automated Daily Met office “Risk of Ice” reports, Norris & Gardiner can make informed judgements on whether or not to apply grit and when, we then notify you of our decision to grit and you have the opportunity to cancel should you wish to do so, giving you intimate control.

Cost Effective

As you imagine there are significant setup costs to such a service, from salt stocks to the commissioning of met office subscriptions, in addition this service needs daily monitoring and action as required however Norris & Gardiner have a very simple cost structure to make your life as easy as possible.

You will be quoted a “Cost per Treatment”. This is inclusive of all labour, materials and transport. Every time we complete a treatment at your premises this is recorded and you are invoiced at the end of each calendar month.

In addition we require a one off non- returnable administration fee which is equal to the cost of a single treatment, this is to cover the setup and administration detailed above which are incurred by us even if we have a mild winter and no gritting is required.

Greater Value

In addition to our perennial good value we also have a special offer relating to our gritting services click here for more details…