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Professional Tree Surgery

What do we offer?

Tree SurgeryWe’ve been in business now for almost 50 years and have had a tree work division for more than half that time. The result of those years of experience is that we have a highly skilled in-house team of tree surgery specialists and a wider network of professional arboriculturists for whom no project is too large or, very importantly, too small. Our skills and networks are continually maintained as active Corporate Members of the Arboricultural Association.

Norris & Gardiner undertakes the full range of tree work projects, from pruning, crown lifting, sectional felling and stump removal for single trees, to large scale clearance work at the start of a landscape or construction project.

How far do we travel?

We are based in Woking, Surrey, and so are well placed to serve the South East, regularly working on projects from Kent and the Thames estuary to the Dorset border, and from the South Coast to central London.

Why are we different?

Tree Services 1Norris & Gardiner offer a full range landscape and grounds maintenance services and as such they understand the interactions between each discipline whether it is a stand alone job or part of a larger more complex project and will ensure the main project work programme is not adversely affected by the tree work element.

By bringing us in early to discuss the tree work as part of the overall project you can minimise disruption and deliver a smooth outcome.

We understand the requirements of Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation Areas and other tree related regulations and deal with these issues as part of the service if you require, we also have a full range of relevant national and international accreditations.

Who says so?

Tree Services 2

Woodland glade created to offer bat feeding zone, complete with bat boxes

BALI’s National Chairman, Paul Cowell, recently called in Norris & Gardiner to work alongside his landscape team at PC Landscapes. He was sufficiently delighted with the service provided to put his comments in writing for BALI members, which you can read below.

Paul Cowell - BALI’s National Chairman

"Working with Norris & Gardener was a natural choice and their service proved second to none!"

Paul Cowell - PC Landscapes

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