Here and Now!

Today the business is 30 strong and provides an external "one stop shop" for its varied customers including commercial and industrial premises, facilities and property management companies and local authorities at Parish, Borough and County level.

Throughout the changes over the years one thing has remained constant and that is the companies passion for great service at a great price.

Norris & Gardiner Ltd. continue to provide a wide range of services to all its clients and the way in which they are delivered is constantly evolving to meet changes in legislation, technology and the needs of their clients.

The Middle Ages

Colin Gardiner - Early Days

Colin Gardiner - Early Days

In 1991 the partnership was amicably dissolved when the Norris brothers made an exit to retirement and pastures new, Colin formed a new partnership with his wife Gillian, a long time supporter of the business behind the scenes.

This partnership was cut short due to Gillian’s premature death in 1993 after a protracted illness which saw Gill & Colin’s children Vivienne and Richard move to the fore.

In 2004 Colin and his children formed Norris & Gardiner Ltd and Vivienne and Richard took the lead in the newly formed company, Colin remained actively involved and highly influential until his death in 2008 since when Vivienne & Richard have continued to steer the family business from strength to strength.


First Door Drop Advert

First Door Drop Advert

Norris & Gardiner was formed in 1964 by Cedric Norris & Colin Gardiner, their initial focus was maintenance and development of domestic gardens and communal grounds for residents associations, as reputation grew, smaller commercial contracts also came their way.

In 1974 as the business grew, Cedric’s brother John joined the team as a third partner to cope with the growing portfolio which now included MOD contracts.

The three man management team along with a growing staff which included 3 of the next generation of Norris’s and Gardiner’s (and a Grant nee Gardiner) moved the partnership into almost exclusively commercial contracts as well as broadening the scope of works undertaken to include Tree Surgery and Sports Turf Management.